Family Dentistry Simplify Your Life With One Dentist

Bring Your Loved Ones to a Friendly Family Dentist in Pleasanton

We know it’s hard for everyone in your family to agree on something. However, we’re certain that you and your loved ones can agree that good oral health is important. Make dental care an easy family decision by visiting My Hometown Dentist for your dental care needs. As your family dentist in Pleasanton, we can:

  • Accommodate entire families during one appointment
  • Help your child feel at ease at the dentist
  • See children as young as 6 months old
  • Provide services for all stages in life
  • Alleviate your anxiety with sedation options, if necessary
  • Make it a family-friendly experience with our prize boxes for kids

Call 830-251-5579 for an appointment. Take advantage of our new patient special that includes a cleaning and exam for only $179! Be sure you ask about our in-house membership club too!

Find Comprehensive Dental Care for Your Family

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends you bring your child in for a dental checkup when they get their first tooth. That may sound young. But when your child has a positive experience at the dentist early on, it sets the stage for good oral care practices throughout their life.

We are happy to see children as young as 6 months old. It allows us to monitor their oral health development and address issues as they arise. For example, if your child has a tongue-tie that limits their ability to move their tongue, we can perform a frenectomy procedure. It will make their feedings easier and prevent problems later down the road.

You’ll also find a wide range of treatment options for other members of your family:

  • General Dentistry – Every family member will benefit from a healthy smile with our cleanings and exams. We also do gum disease treatment and create mouthguards for athletes and patients with a TMJ disorder or sleep apnea.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Make your smile more attractive with services such as teeth whitening, tooth bonding, dental veneers, teeth contouring, or gummy smile treatment. We can also do a complete smile makeover!
  • Invisalign – You or your teen can straighten your teeth discreetly with our clear aligners. In about 12 to 18 months, you’ll have an even smile.
  • Restorative Dentistry – We can repair and restore your smile with fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, or dentures. We can also pair new teeth with implants.
  • Oral Surgery – We can prepare your mouth for dental implants and perform necessary tooth extractions, including impacted wisdom teeth.
  • TMJ Treatment – Stop the damage of teeth grinding habits with an oral appliance that acts as a barrier between your teeth.
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment – Sleep throughout the night and wake up rested by getting help for your sleep apnea.

Your family will also benefit from our use of modern equipment for easier visits. We use intraoral cameras to get a better look inside your mouth and create impressions using digital technology instead of messy goop. You can relax with sedation if you feel nervous too.

For a family dentist in Pleasanton who cares about your loved ones as much as you do, look no further than My Hometown Dental. Call 830-251-5579 for an appointment. You can also schedule online. We have flexible early morning and evening hours for your convenience.

Common Questions About Family Dentistry

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is simply dental care that benefits every member of your family. Rather than focusing our services on just kids or just adults, our team will treat all your crew. You can get everyone’s smiles taken care of in one convenient location. This will give you peace of mind about your family’s dental care.

What should I look for in a family dentist?

When searching for a new family dentist office, it is important to find one that is set up to handle patients of many ages. A dental facility that can treat patients of all ages will make it easier for you, plus you’ll be assured that all your loved ones are receiving the best care possible to keep their smiles bright and their mouths healthy.

Is family dentistry covered by insurance?

Most dental insurance plans provide some coverage for preventive care, such as dental cleanings and exams. Many policies also include assistance for general dental services and some restorative treatments. However, you should review the details of your policy. Our team will work with your provider to get the maximum benefit from your plan for you and your loved ones.

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