Fix Damaged Teeth With Our Urgent Dental Care

Whether you have knocked out a tooth or you have a dental infection, there are very few emergencies we haven’t seen come through our doors. When you visit us for your urgent dental needs, we start out with a thorough examination to get an understanding of what’s happening with your smile. We may also take digital X-rays or use our intraoral camera to properly diagnose the problem. Depending on what we see, we may recommend treatments such as:

  • Tooth Filling If you have a cavity, we’ll remove the decayed portion of your tooth, then fill it in with a tooth-colored composite filling.
  • Root Canal – Once an infection has reached the pulp of your tooth, we’ll perform a safe and gentle root canal to avoid an extraction.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – Our team can eliminate the infection in your gumline with a deep cleaning procedure.
  • Dental Crowns – Your dentist can use a crown to repair a smile that has been impacted by a large cavity or damaged from an injury.
  • Dental Bridges – If you’ve lost a tooth, you can fill the gap in your smile with a dental bridge.
  • Tooth Extraction – Your dentist will extract a tooth to keep infection from impacting other healthy teeth or to prevent further damage to your smile.

Whatever treatments are used to get your smile back on track, we can offer you dental sedation that will ease your anxiety. You can choose laughing gas or oral sedation, depending on your level of stress about your procedure. You can watch TV during your visit, too!

Call 830-251-5579 right away for an appointment if you need help from an emergency dentist in Pleasanton, TX. For non-emergencies, you can request an appointment online.