Create Your Dream Smile With a Cosmetic Dentist in Pleasanton

If you are tired of covering your mouth when you laugh or closing your lips when you smile, we can help. As your cosmetic dentist in Pleasanton, we’ll ensure you achieve a confident smile you love showing off to others. At My Hometown Dental, you’ll find a wide range of treatments that will:

  • Improve your self-esteem and how you feel about yourself
  • Inspire you to take better care of your teeth
  • Give you the courage to pursue new relationships
  • Boost your youthful appearance
  • Make you look better in photographs

Don’t wait another day to have an attractive smile! Call 830-251-5579 for an appointment. We have flexible appointment times during the week, including early morning and evening hours. You can beautify your smile when it’s most convenient for you.

Reveal a Youthful Appearance Thanks to Our Cosmetic Dental Services

A study recently showed that one in four adults avoids smiling because of the condition of their mouth. We don’t want that to be you! Instead, we want you to feel confident about showing off a dazzling smile. When you visit us for cosmetic treatments, we’ll discuss your personal smile goals and aspects of your smile you’d like to change. Based on this, we may recommend services, such as:

  • Teeth Whitening – Get rid of stains with our two professional whitening options, including in-office and at-home treatments.
  • Dental Veneers – Cover up dental imperfections with our porcelain veneers. They last 10 years or longer with good oral care routines and regular checkups.
  • Invisalign – Fix crooked or misaligned teeth with clear aligners that will only be visible to you.
  • Tooth Bonding – We also offer tooth bonding. It’s a more affordable alternative to veneers, but it won’t give you the same lasting results.
  • Teeth Contouring – Reshape your uneven or pointed teeth with a contouring procedure.
  • Gummy Smile Treatment – If you have a gummy smile or uneven gumline, we can use a laser to give your smile a more balanced look.
  • Gum Recession Treatment – For patients with receding gums, we can replenish your gumline to restore a healthy appearance.
  • Smile Makeover – If you have several flaws you’d like to address, we can create a plan that includes several treatments to give you a beautiful smile.

Some patients feel nervous about treatments, which is why we offer sedation that will put you at ease. We also have TVs in our patient rooms, so you remain entertained while we work. In addition, we’ve invested in technology such as intraoral cameras and digital scanners that make your appointments easier.

It’s time to make your smile your best feature! Meet with a cosmetic dentist in Pleasanton, TX by calling 830-251-5579 for an appointment. Or you can also schedule online.

Common Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

What can cosmetic dentistry do?

If you’d like a gorgeous grin, cosmetic dentistry can help you accomplish your goal. It includes several services that repair and conceal stained, discolored, chipped, pitted, cracked, gapped, uneven, worn, and misshapen teeth. There’s virtually no end to the ways we can use cosmetic dentistry to beautify your smile.

How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?

Because there is such a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments and because each patient is different, there is no way to give you a price on your smile enhancement without first performing an exam and working up a treatment plan. We encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can gather the information we need to give you treatment and price options.

Does insurance cover cosmetic dentistry?

For the most part, cosmetic dentistry is not covered by dental insurance. However, some restorative dental treatments improve both your smile’s appearance and the health and function of your teeth. Dental crowns, for example, can cover weak or damaged teeth, yet they’re so lifelike in appearance that you can enjoy their cosmetic advantages, too.

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