You want to take great care of your smile – but you want to do it affordably. As your dentist, we’re on the same page! You’ll find many great ways to save on dental care at My Hometown Dentist.

We’ve listed a few of them for you here:

  • Get Regular Exams and Cleanings – One of the easiest ways to keep your dental care costs down is to visit us every six months for a cleaning and exam. The cleaning removes the plaque and tartar from your teeth before they can cause cavities or gum disease. The exam gives your dentist a chance to identify issues that may need to be addressed before they can become more serious problems. 
  • Take Proactive Action – Whether your dentist finds a cavity during an exam, you notice your gums bleeding after brushing, or you break a tooth during a meal, you need to address any dental problems ASAP. The sooner you treat a problem, the less expensive the solution will be. You also may be able to prevent certain problems by taking a proactive approach to your care. For example, a dry mouth makes you more prone to cavities. Your dentist will recommend products and strategies to encourage saliva flow. They may also recommend fluoride treatment or dental sealants to offer additional protection against decay. 
  • Join Our Membership Club – We’ve seen that folks without insurance tend to skip regular exams more than people with insurance. Doing so puts you at increased risk for problems, as explained above. If you join our Membership Club, the cost of your exams and cleanings is covered by a low monthly payment. Plus, you’ll save on other services too. 
  • Schedule a Free Consultation – If you’ve seen another dentist and would like a second opinion, schedule a free consultation with one of our dentists. We also offer free consultations for dentures. Replacing most or all of your teeth is an especially big decision – and we want you to feel good about it before moving forward. 
  • Get a $179 New Patient Exam – If you’re a new patient, you can get an exam and cleaning for just $179. That includes X-rays, if needed. It’s a savings of $171. Don’t let cost hold you back from these important services! 

Ready to save on dental care? To visit My Hometown Dentist, call one of our three convenient locations in San Antonio: 210-791-7981 for Hollywood Park, 210-903-5771 for Leon Springs, or 210-879-6101 for Potranco Road near Alamo Ranch. Or call 830-251-5579 to visit our Pleasanton, TX office.