Avoid Future Dental Problems by Removing Your Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth start to emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. You may notice discomfort, tenderness, or swelling as these back molars break through your gums. You may not experience any issues with these teeth. However, some people develop oral health concerns and increase their risk of infection or overcrowding of other teeth.

When you come in for your wisdom teeth consultation, your dentist will do a thorough exam to determine if you’ll benefit from the procedure. If so, you’ll learn about many long-term benefits:

  • Better Oral Health – Wisdom teeth are more difficult to clean, increasing your risk of decay and infections. Removing them will improve your oral health and prevent other issues.
  • Proper Tooth Alignment – Having your wisdom teeth removed can help you avoid crowding and shifting of other teeth that could lead to a misaligned bite.
  • Improved Dental Function – Proactively addressing wisdom teeth problems now prevents complications with your bite in the future.

Trust Our Dedicated Team With Your Third Molar Extractions

You can expect a smooth procedure when you entrust our dental team with your extraction. Here is what you can expect:

  • Planning – Your dentist will begin by examining your wisdom teeth. They will assess their position and take digital X-rays to plan the removal procedure. This preparation will ensure you experience the highest level of care and successful results. You can ask any questions you have on your mind as well.
  • Extraction – When the time comes to remove your wisdom teeth, our team will walk you through what to expect. Your dentist will numb your mouth. You won’t feel any discomfort. However, sedation is also available. Your dentist will gently remove the teeth, minimizing discomfort as much as possible.
  • Post-Operative Care – We always prioritize your comfort and long-term successful results. After the wisdom teeth removal, you will receive detailed instructions for post-operative care. This ensures a seamless transition to your restored oral health. You will receive information needed to manage any discomfort, promote proper healing, and enjoy a smooth recovery.

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