Act Now to Recreate Your Complete Smile

Crowns and bridges are great solutions to fix your smile, whether you have damaged or missing teeth. Our team takes digital impressions of your teeth to get your new restorations right. This is much better than the uncomfortable, messy way impressions used to be taken. Digital impressions are also more accurate, so your new crown or bridge will fit perfectly.

At My Hometown Dentist, you can receive any of these restorative options:

  • Standard Crown – Get a crown to cap your damaged or decayed tooth. The crown will make the tooth stronger and stop more problems.
  • Traditional Bridge – Your dentist will attach a sturdy bridge to your other teeth to fill in the space where teeth are missing. These bridges are affixed to nearby teeth for support.
  • Implant-Supported Crown – Replace a missing tooth with a dental implant and crown together. This will let you bite and chew practically as well as before.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – Your new bridge will rest securely on two or more implants to replace multiple missing teeth. Unlike a regular bridge, we don’t need to touch any of your healthy teeth to provide support. The implants also help stop bone loss in your jaw.

Call My Hometown Dentist  at 210-879-6101 or request an appointment online to see us in San Antonio. Get your teeth fixed with dental crowns and bridges on Potranco Road near Alamo Ranch.