Come Here for Complete Smile Transformations

When you come in for cosmetic dental treatments, we’ll first discuss what you’d like to change about your smile. It’s important to us to understand the flaws that bother you. We’ll examine your mouth to determine factors bringing down your smile’s beauty, as well as any underlying oral health issues that may need to be addressed. Based on your goals and budget, we may recommend one or more of our services:

  • Teeth Whitening – Brighten your smile and eliminate stains with professional whitening treatments at home or in our office.
  • Dental Veneers – These thin porcelain shells cover up chips, cracks, uneven or misshapen teeth. They’ll last for at least a decade and often years longer.
  • Tooth Bonding – This treatment can cover up flaws, similar to veneers, but it won’t last as long. It may be a good option if you’re on a budget.
  • Invisalign – Straighten crooked teeth and fix alignment issues with Invisalign clear aligners. You’ll see results within 12 to 18 months.
  • Teeth Contouring – Reshape uneven or sharp-edged teeth with this contouring procedure. Since it doesn’t affect your tooth nerves, you won’t feel a thing.
  • Gummy Smile Treatment – We’ll use a laser to help you reveal more teeth than gums when you smile.
  • Gum Recession Treatment – If you’ve suffered from gum recession due to gum disease or other factors, we can replenish your gumline for a healthier-looking smile.
  • Smile Makeover – If you want to make over your whole smile, we can address all of your smile goals with one treatment plan.

We understand you may be nervous about pursuing treatments. We use modern dental technology to make your appointments easier. For example, digital X-rays expose you to less radiation and digital scanners mean you won’t have to worry about messy trays of goop. It’s our way of investing in our patients’ dental experience. If needed, you can also receive sedation.

Call 210-903-5771 or request an appointment online. Meet with a cosmetic dentist in Leon Springs. Your new smile is waiting for you in San Antonio, TX!